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Through KindleCo, I share experience gained over the past 25+ years of working with, in, and through the Public Sector at local, regional and sector level. I understand the challenges and the joys of inter-agency working, cross-sector partnerships and mixed-disciplinary projects.

I'd like to invite you on a journey to build resilience and impact into your work, but also enable it make a contribution to systems-change whether that be close to home or further afield: by leveraging cross-sector engagement, winning stakeholder buy-in, enabling inter-agency collaboration, galvanising political will and unlocking investment, we all have the opportunity to make an impact for Children & Young People.


Organisational Consultancy

Multi-agency Project & Partnership Coaching

Project Leadership

For social purpose and public sector organisations, partnerships and networks championing Children, Young People & Families.

I support CEOs, Departmental Directors and Partnership Leads to create strategy. Bespoke for multi-agency and cross-sector environments we plan, position, advocate for and help deliver your partnership effort with purpose, and in the context of the national strategic picture. By reconciling with the bigger picture, and being purposeful in any divergence, we can create meaningful synergy between the national landscape and individual corporate mission, enabling new expression of your social purpose.

Work together in 3 modes or as a blended service:

1. Consultancy & Project Leadership: working alongside organisational Leaders and Directors of multi-agency programmes.

Galvanising of shared purpose, objectives, roles, language and outcomes within mixed partnerships. Consultancy input will support the planning, design and partnership development for work streams aiming for sector-level or geographical impact. Delivered as external Consultancy or through provision of a Project Director role. Suited to established agencies & networks for work duration of 3 months+. Builds infrastructure Provides project oversight.

2. Project Coaching – short series: for projects & partnerships in development in multi-agency environments (typically 3 - 6 sessions)

Enables Leaders of multi-agency, cross-sector or mixed - disciplinary work, to mobilise diverse interests around a specific agenda or action point. Help to sharpen the shared purpose that drives collaboration and reconcile parties around specific aspects of policy, strategy, funding and stakeholder engagement. Addresses issues presenting barriers to effective inter-agency delivery. Generates a step-plan. Builds project resilience and future impact.

3. Advice Surgeries – one-off sessions: for small scale *individual start-up projects only

Ideal for project and partnership initiators who need to behave strategically. Can support you, and your clients. Can be delivered in clusters. Provides targeted injection of inception advice, to help contextualise a new project or work stream in the ‘bigger picture’. Grows understanding of importance of alignment with Government priorities, points to potential divergence. By auditing the project’s capacity to navigate the public sector landscape, will signpost potential opportunities and pitfalls. Informs financial planning. Generates next steps.

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Jo Broad is a multi-agency project developer & public sector strategist. Combining experience of developing strategy in multi-agency contexts, spring-boarding new public sector partnerships, with life as a former Musician and Orchestra Coach, I bring a unique blend of skills to help organisations to collaborate. I love to nurture new projects, transition old ones, and enable others to unlock the opportunities in external change.

Please get in touch to talk about how I can help your organisation or project move forward through:

strategy formation

bespoke analysis of policy & sector change relevant to you

development of strategic alliances & partnership roles

design of new projects and services

exit strategies

project advocacy

Example themes:Putting Children First, Health & Wellbeing, Future in Mind, Education & Adoption Bill (2016), Children & Families Act (2014), Adoption Support Fund (2015), Every Child Matters and 21st Century Skills (2003), Creative Partnerships(2002 -2006),Get On (2001), Specialist Status (Arts), Apprenticeships.

I work through KindleCo mostly as a single Consultant or Project Lead. Small teams of associates can be arranged where needed. Please note: I am not a communications, PR or marketing agency but work with you to align these functions within overall project strategy.

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Clients & Projects:

  • a national charity for vulnerable children Looked After
  • a mental health professional supporting editorial content
  • a Leading Edge MAT
  • a regional Enterprise Gateway
  • Business Development professional in Health Outcomes
  • Specialist Arts tours operator for young people
  • Various DFE, DCMS and LSC led Government- funded programmes

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"With strong strategic skills and an experienced grasp of public sector dynamics, Jo enables us to arrive at an informed view of what key shifts in the Public Sector mean for us whole-organisation: Putting Children First, Children & Families Act, Health & Wellbeing Boards, Future in Mind, Adoption Support and other shifts in the national landscape... Jo demonstrates quickly her skill in capturing organisational 'essence', understanding our unique corporate dynamics. Discreet, professional and positive, Jo’s input helps ensure MBO will be meeting these challenges with confidence”

John Diamond, CEO, Mulberry Bush Organisation

"I found Jo’s clear, analytical thinking incredibly helpful. She was able to give me a succinct briefing regarding key & relevant changes to family legislation, which I was able to efficiently apply when preparing a publication for my professional work in mental health."

Mental Health Professional

"Jo has hugely increased our profile with business partners and government agencies alike, brokering partnerships of mutual benefit all round. Jo understands the ethos of organisations that innovate and knows how to deliver results" Andrew Hutchinson, OBE, Executive Principal, Parkside Federation Academies

"working with Jo was fruitful and positive - we took our services into areas and communities we had not worked with before"
Business Link, East England

"KindleCo have the ability to grasp the essence of your vision and translate it into flesh and bones - we are getting opportunities we would never have discovered on our own"
Pippy Trentham, Director, One Stage Concert Tours

"Jo brought five very diverse organisations together and shaped a project that could meet different corporate needs - the result was both innovative and pragmatic"
Wilma Scott, Head of Employment & Public Affairs, BAA Airports STN

KindleCo News

Autumn 2017 News: Children & Social Work Act - A Land Of Challenge And Opportunity

When the Government published 'Putting Children First' in July 2016 (the DfE's Policy paper on Children and Social Work) there was considerable doubt in the sector as to the Bill's likely success, and what changes it would bring as an Act.
Key to predicting with relative certainty the outcome, was taking a careful look at its antecedents in Policy terms over the past 3-5 years: the Children & Families, Devolution, Education & Adoption Acts, and a new LA remit for Public Health.

Armed with a small splash of wisdom born out of experience, it became clear to those of us with a track record of interpreting Public Policy announcements, that the Bill would indeed go through and at a relatively fast pace....

Royal Assent was granted just as Parliament closed in April ’17, for the General Election and most key elements from 'Putting Children First' made it onto the statute books. You can read my earlier predictions on this, by clicking through this News article.
But where are we now?

Read on for my quick fire overview. Enjoy!

Emotional Health & Mental Wellbeing: Vulnerable Children, Their Families And Professional Supporters - Reflective Spaces

When the Government's new guidance to promote Health & Wellbeing of Looked After Children was published back in 2015, it rightly promoted integrated agency working.

But what about the Health & Wellbeing of the adults involved in supporting vulnerable children, Looked After, or not?

There is an army out there of parents, carers, schools staff, public sector workers, and volunteers all engaging with vulnerable Children and Young People.

How can their wellbeing also be supported so they can process the emotional impact of this work and 'stay whole'?....

Understanding Your Stakeholders...

For a business development manager in the Health Outcomes sector, KindleCo recently produced a quick fire briefing note - to help bring a busy individual up to speed on their Stakeholder eco-system. "My job entails juggling multiple stakeholder interests with both the Public & Private sectors as partners…

Kindleco: Continuing To Support Developments At Innovative National Children's Charity

“As a national charity at the cutting edge of support for vulnerable children & families, The Mulberry Bush Organisation has to evolve in response to government led change" – Children & Families Act, the arrival of Health & Wellbeing Boards, the changing public sector landscape for Mental Health, ..."now is no exception", says John Diamond, CEO... read more...

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