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Kindleco Models Future Look For Creative Partnerships
KindleCo successfully bid to design and deliver the organisational modelling and regional stakeholder consultation and at sector level, to shape the future of the DfE / DCMS national Creative Partnerships initiative in the South East, to support the closing of the centrally-run programme.

KindleCo worked extensively across the region to bring the education, learning, culture, business and economic development communities together in an integrated approach to support the creative learning infrastructure for children & young people in schools.

With multiple stakeholders, KindleCo worked with the national programmes four regional leaders to generated models of how best to grow C.P. beyond its original constituencies.

We worked with the regional partners to generate sustainable business models for programme leaders & a wide range of stakeholders to create a road map to the future.
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If you would like to view the final public report for this Project, produced for our client, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.
Want To Know Outcomes?
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Download PDF: creativelearninghubssoutheast-future&feasibility_kindleapril2006.pdf

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Autumn 2017 News: Children & Social Work Act - A Land Of Challenge And Opportunity

When the Government published 'Putting Children First' in July 2016 (the DfE's Policy paper on Children and Social Work) there was considerable doubt in the sector as to the Bill's likely success, and what changes it would bring as an Act.
Key to predicting with relative certainty the outcome, was taking a careful look at its antecedents in Policy terms over the past 3-5 years: the Children & Families, Devolution, Education & Adoption Acts, and a new LA remit for Public Health.

Armed with a small splash of wisdom born out of experience, it became clear to those of us with a track record of interpreting Public Policy announcements, that the Bill would indeed go through and at a relatively fast pace....

Royal Assent was granted just as Parliament closed in April ’17, for the General Election and most key elements from 'Putting Children First' made it onto the statute books. You can read my earlier predictions on this, by clicking through this News article.
But where are we now?

Read on for my quick fire overview. Enjoy!

Emotional Health & Mental Wellbeing: Vulnerable Children, Their Families And Professional Supporters - Reflective Spaces

When the Government's new guidance to promote Health & Wellbeing of Looked After Children was published back in 2015, it rightly promoted integrated agency working.

But what about the Health & Wellbeing of the adults involved in supporting vulnerable children, Looked After, or not?

There is an army out there of parents, carers, schools staff, public sector workers, and volunteers all engaging with vulnerable Children and Young People.

How can their wellbeing also be supported so they can process the emotional impact of this work and 'stay whole'?....

Understanding Your Stakeholders...

For a business development manager in the Health Outcomes sector, KindleCo recently produced a quick fire briefing note - to help bring a busy individual up to speed on their Stakeholder eco-system. "My job entails juggling multiple stakeholder interests with both the Public & Private sectors as partners…

Kindleco: Continuing To Support Developments At Innovative National Children's Charity

“As a national charity at the cutting edge of support for vulnerable children & families, The Mulberry Bush Organisation has to evolve in response to government led change" – Children & Families Act, the arrival of Health & Wellbeing Boards, the changing public sector landscape for Mental Health, ..."now is no exception", says John Diamond, CEO... read more...

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